• Lost for words?

    You are an expert in what you do, but can you explain it to others? We help to translate complex technology into language that audiences can relate to.

  • Customer Centricity

    Can you see with your customers’ eyes? Customer centricity is at the core of growth – we help organizations develop a new vision.

  • Branding

    What do you stand for? Values shape your organization – for customers and teams. We help you make the point of who you are.

  • Visual Communication

    People like people. That’s what storytelling is about. Video or stills, we find the human angle to your story.

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Brand Story

What do you stand for? Let us help you find a brand personality.

Change Consulting

Hanging in there? Change means you dangle between where you are and where you need to go.

Visual Communication

Captivate with visuals: Video or still photography, we can get your audience mesmerized.


Our creative network spans the globe. No matter where you are, we have a team next door.

Tech Comm

So you just found the algorithm that will change the world, but the world doesen’t care?


CLIPPS is a consulting boutique for all things storytelling. Started in 2006 by Juergen Biefang, it helps organizations communicate to the world outside and inside.

You have a message, we find a story that resonates. Technical communication, sales-driven marketing, branding or organizational development: We find that sweet spot where the message has a human dimension and gets traction. With a passion for people we make sure that words and attidues align.

  • You just found that algorithm that will change the world, but the world doesn’t understand why?
  • Your startup launched with tremendous success – but now you need to re-invent yourself as a long-running business, develop brand values and services that are customer centric?
  • Your organization needs better communication of its purpose, values and vision – internal and external?
  • You are looking for visual support of your brand story in the form of photography or video?
  • You a fundraising organization looking for the story to the cause?

Call us.

Clips are story bits that come together as a narration.

With a background in the entertainment industry and in journalism, CLIPPS’ initial customers were in the hospitality industry: We presented hotels of Hilton, Starwood (Sheraton, Le Meridien etc), Fairmont,  Swissôtel on a global scale, working with local teams in many countries. Telling a hotel story means turning a brick-and-mortar venture into a human adventure. The storytelling goes on.

With our hotel customers still going strong, today we have expanded our customer portfolio into real estate, green-tech, high-tech startups and non-profits.