of CLIPPS Juergen Biefang Consulting and affiliated companies.

Welcome to CLIPPS Juergen Biefang (“Clipps“) respects individual rights and the protection of privacy. Clipps would like to inform you (the user and visitor of clipps.tv, clippstv.com or related websites; collectively known as the “Websites“) about the important aspects of our privacy and data protection policy.


Clipps not only makes every effort to accommodate the legal requirements with regard to the protection of privacy, in particular the Privacy Policy of the European Union and its member states, but furthermore tries to implement the recommendations of non-government organisations and the industry’s self-monitoring bodies.

Definitions / What are individual-related data?

Individual-related data are personal and de-facto details of an actual person; such as name, e-mail address, or any details on personal preferences or features which are so closely related to a person, that the person can be determined or traced by them.

Collecting such data is to procure them. Processing data is to file, save, manipulate, transmit, block access or erase such data. Using data is any activity with regard to personal-related data that is not processing.

A user is any individual of at least 18 years of age, or any enterprise that has registered with cityclipps.com.

When and where will data be collected?

When you send an E-Mail from the clipps contact form, you are obliged to provide personal details such as your e-mail address. The data you provide will only be stored on the Clipps’ servers.

IP address

When a user clicks on an element on Clipps Website, Clipps does not collect or process any individual-related data. Only anonymous data such as ad delivery reporting data (i.e. the browser used by the user, the referring server, the IP address, sites visited, time and day of clicking the ad) are being collected anonymously, without any relation or connection to the individual visitor. Clipps undertakes that no such relation or connection to an individual user profile can be established by this anonymous data.

“Cookies”, Google Analytics

Clipps, as many other web site operators, uses cookies and Google Analytics in order to improve the performance of a web site, to adapt content to user interest and to improve the quality of services. Cookies are small text files that enable the site to recognise a visitor, so that a visitor does not have to re-register repeatedly. Google Analytics is a service offered by Google Inc.. Google Analytics will collect data of your visit on Clipps.TV and send this data to Google’s servers in the USA for further processing. This procedure is completely anonymous, as no individual-related data are being collected. Web browsers accept cookies, by default configuration. You may, however, disable the use of cookies in the settings control of your web browser.

Processing of user data

Clipps collects and processes individual-related data with the intent of fulfilling its contractual obligations, and for this purpose only. Any collection, processing and use of individual-related data that exceeds the purpose of Clipps contractual or quasi-contractual obligations, is based on the user’s express consent and will only take place within the scope of such consent.

Security measures

Clipps takes substantial safety precautions in the protection of your data from unauthorised access, processing or use. Precautions are in line with advanced technological measures; however at this stage of technical development, no electronic communication is completely safe. We need to inform you that despite our provisions and efforts, data which you communicate through the Internet may be intercepted, processed and used by third parties. Clipps is not responsible or liable for any distribution of data which is due to malfunctions of data transfer or unauthorised access by third parties.

Dissemination of data

Dissemination of data is allowed if a) it is required by law; or b) it is necessary or legally required in order to preserve a major public interest – or to enforce, exercise or defend legal claims in court; or c) it is necessary to preserve vital interests of any of the parties involved.

Spam and e-mail listings

Clipps does not send unauthorised e-mails that could be considered as spam, and is endeavouring to only accept users who respect the same anti-spam policy.


Clipps is entitled to change and adapt this Privacy Policy at any time within the scope of the legal requirements. Clipps will inform you on any changes required by technical, juridical or other reasons here – please check this Privacy Policy frequently for updates.

Access and information rights

Users who have provided individual-related data have a right to access, delete or block access to such data.

If you would like to exercise this right, or if you have any questions related to Clipps’ Privacy Policy, please contact us via e-mail at: info(at)clipps.tv.