A brand is a set of values – an emotive quality that teams and customers can stand for. We help brand teams define these values and find a language for it – be it semantic, visual, dramatic language. Brand development is where storytelling is at its best.

Brand personalities act out what the brand stands for. We create videos that narrate brand values through real stories. We conceive workshops and team events to turn branding language into experience teams can relate to.

Attention is the critical path in branding. Our job is to set up your message up in a way that makes it appealing for an audience. The link between your message and attention is the story.

The story is not what you tell your audience. The story is what happens within the audience the very moment you tell it – your communication is the trigger for a whole array of intuitive reactions. These reactions are hard-coded in our human system, they exist before you start telling: Myths and pre-conceptions, expectations, hopes and fears have been tranferred over thousands of generations and are the raw material of storytelling.

Modern narratology has done extesive research to better understand the origin and structure of these story ingredients which are rooted in our collective human experience. Literature, drama and arts provide many starting points for the search of your story. Movies and television develop an ever growing toolkit of visual signs that can be used to trigger your story. But then again, it’s people who make it palpable.

And then there is data: Expectable attention span and audience reactions in your communication channel determine the way we approach your project.